Importance formation of this company is paying particular attention of MPS Holding (Matin Pars Shafagh co.) to Iran climatic conditions and growing crisis of water scarcity, poverty and natural resources and the need to involve the private section in partnership with government for the purpose of extracting and exploiting the reserves of mineral water and springs. According to the careful studies of Managers and founder of this Holding, Iran due to population growth, industrial development and increasing urbanization, is facing a serious decline in water, especially drinking water.
With this approach and macro-thinking, MPS holding decided to launch this company.

Activities in form of real and legal partnership :
1. Investment for equip and set up mineral water production plant in Pleur area (near Tehran)
2. Producing mineral water in Amol city  (200 kilometers of Tehran).

Implementation of both projects with suitable design and infrastructure are the main goals of this company, meanwhile hardness and mineral of water of springs is in high standards.

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